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Dryer Vent Cleanings and Ventilation to Outdoors – Dryer vents can become compacted with lint, debris, and even birds! Being compacted makes the dryer turn off due to not being able to breathe fully which typically looks like a “not enough airflow” alarm. We have seen many customers have to replace dryer components due to overheating because the dryer vent was clogged. Having it cleaned once a year ensures better drying, safety, and dryer longevity.

Range Hood Ventilation to Outdoors – Range hoods provide the ultimate moderate look for your kitchen. Not only does the stainless steel color make your kitchen look more appealing, but the added ventilation to outdoors helps control and decrease lingering odors, steam, and other cooking byproducts that’s ultimately decrease indoor air quality. As long as you have the cabinet space, even with a microwave in place, we have the ability to install one.

Cooktop Ventilation to Outdoors – Looking to upgrade your cooktop or range? Cooktops and ranges aren’t typically known for being able to ventilate outdoors; however, there are plenty of models that can! By using downdraft ventilation, cooktops and rangehoods with this capability pull the cooking byproducts down through a ventilation pipe, into your crawlspace, and outside the foundation wall. There are even units that can be added onto existing cooktops and ranges, without ventilation capabilities, that have linear motion by pushing a button and use the same downdraft ventilation technology.

Microwave Ventilation to Outdoors – Most microwaves have the ability to ventilate outdoors. However, the most common installation of these are installed in re-circulate mode which doesn’t filter out smells all that great. By simply having the model number of your microwave, we can provide and install the necessary manufacturer’s parts and ventilation pipe to upgrade your microwave to a fully-ventilating microwave/range hood.

Fresh Air Ventilation: Installation of Fresh Air Intakes, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Heat Recovery Ventilators – If you are experiencing stuffy noses, allergies, viruses, or overall poor health, it could be a result of your indoor air quality in your home. Did you know that we spend, according to the EPA, 93% of our time indoors? Did you know that indoor pollutants, according to the EPA, are 2-5 times higher than outdoor air. Another important fact is that newer homes are built very tightly meaning that not very much air exchange happens between outside and inside. Providing fresh air to your home allows for carbon dioxide, air particulates, and volatile organic compounds to be exchanged more frequently to outdoors. All of these facts mean that your illnesses could be alleviated and/or aided by simply having proper filtration and fresh air intakes added to your home. Remember this: Every molecule of air you breathe in your home passes through your HVAC system so when that molecule is returned after cycling through, it is either better or worse than before.

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