Platinum Care Schedule

Regular Maintenance to Keep Your System Efficient & Reliable

When it comes to your home comfort system, getting preventative maintenance should be a no-brainer! It extends the lifespan of your equipment, allows it to run more efficiently, and saves you money both in monthly utility bills and repair costs. This is why at Carolina Copper HVAC, we are proud to offer our Platinum Care Schedule, which affords our customers a wide variety of benefits. With this agreement, our Charlotte heating and air conditioning specialists can perform two tune-ups in your home – one before winter to make sure your heater is in optimal condition, and one before summer to ensure you will be cool all season long. In addition to an extensive checklist that covers the cleaning and inspection of your system, you can choose sign either a gold or a silver level agreement, which offers benefits such as priority customer status, discounted repairs, and more.

Getting regular tune-ups will help you:

  • Keep your home as comfortable as it was originally designed
  • Improve efficiency and reduce your energy bills by keeping the equipment running optimally
  • Extend the lifespan of the equipment by 25%
  • Minimize costly repairs by diagnosing problems early

Join Carolina Copper HVAC

What You Will Gain For Less Than $20 A Month:

  • Absolute Priority Service 24/7, 365 Days a year. 
  • Two thorough (about 1 hour long), 20 point evaluations of your entire heating and cooling system with a detailed, professional report. Our maintenance procedure is listed below. 
  • 15% discount on repair parts and labor. 
  • Complimentary filter changes (customer provided). 
  • Education during maintenance calls about how to put more money back in your wallet from your biggest power bill contribute: Your HVAC System. 
  • Average savings of $30-$130 per month in power usage: Department of Energy and customer feedback. 
  • Earn 5% discounts per year for up to a total of 10% off new accessories and equipment including systems, indoor air quality, and additions. 
  • Access to top of the line whole-home air purifying products, ac rejuvenation products, heating system efficiency products, and indoor air quality reassurance products.
  • Reassurance for you and your family that your system is a well oiled, cooling and heating machine that won’t break down in the extreme N.C. seasons.



How We Perform Our Platinum Care Maintenances On Your AC System: 

  1. Clean and calibrate thermostat. 
  2. Check operation and cleanliness of filters. 
  3. Clean and dust blower interior.
  4. Check all electrical wiring and wire nuts for tightness and secureness. 
  5. Disinfect entire air handler/coil cabinet with heavy duty evaporator coil degreaser, evaporator drain pan with anti-bacterial enzyme gel, and unit casing with anti-growth spray solution. Clean and flush condensate line with shop vac. 
  6. Vacuum entire emergency drain pan. Prime trap if needed. 
  7. Check blower motor for proper amperage, cleanliness, and slip along with capacitor (if applicable). 
  8. Find Total External Static Pressure, verify proper airflow, and adjust if needed. 
  9. Verify metering device. 
  10. On outdoor unit check the disconnect’s health and check for secure, tight lugs. Verify proper AWG size. 
  11. Check dual capacitor under load. 
  12. Check contactor for proper supply voltage, burning, pitting, noise, resistance, and tight connections. 
  13. Clean outdoor unit by removing fan top, vacuuming out debris, pre-rinsing from inside to out and down to up, spray coil cleaner from inside to out and down to up, allow dwell time of at least 10 minutes, scrub unit’s casing with brush, rinse thoroughly from inside to out. 
  14. Check all wiring inside unit for proper harnessing and strapping to avoid wire rubbing. 
  15. Attach temperature clamp to discharge line and monitor for proper temperature range and mass flow rate. 
  16. Allow unit to run for 15-20 minutes. Determine desired temperature split and record followed by finding the sensible and latent heat ratio with proper adjustments to airflow if needed. 
  17. Test for total system capacity after proper airflow has been adjusted, verified, and then record. 
  18. Check pressures at outdoor unit. 
  19. Check temperatures at outdoor unit AND indoor unit (NIST) by following manufacturers’ superheat, subcooling, approach, and pressure charts/instructions. 
  20. Report all information to valued Platinum Care member.



How We Perform Our Platinum Care Maintenances On Your HEATING System: 

  1. Clean and calibrate thermostat. Check operation and cleanliness of filters. 
  2. Check ambient CO level throughout home. 
  3. Verify gas valve and safety controls operations. 
  4. Clean and dust blower interior of manifold compartment including ignitor, flame sensor, burners, and switches. 
  5. Check all electrical wiring and wire nuts for tightness and secureness. 
  6. Test for gas leaks. 
  7. Perform visual and camera checks for primary/secondary heat exchangers. 
  8. Check blower motor for proper amperage, cleanliness, and slip along with capacitor (if applicable). 
  9. Adjust gas valve for proper manifold pressure to orifices. 
  10. Clock gas meter for proper natural gas input and adjust gas regulator to accommodate needed input. 
  11. Find Total External Static Pressure and verify proper airflow. 
  12. Use smoke pen to prove double wall vent is exhausting properly out of home and all other close proximity ventilation penetrations while system is operating. 
  13. Find desired heat rise and record heat rise. 
  14. Test for total system capacity after proper airflow has been adjusted, verified, and then record. 
  15. Report all information to valued Platinum Care member.

Deluxe Platinum Care Schedule

Want to take more control of your wallet and home’s health and efficiency? Take your average preventative maintenance program and give it a huge boost with the PCS Deluxe. 

The Deluxe Platinum Care Schedule gives you all the benefits of our Platinum Care Schedule but with a bang! Added benefits of the Platinum Care Schedule Deluxe are: 

  • All listed items for the Platinum Care Schedule.
  • Increased repair parts and labor discount to 20%.
  • A thorough, 10 point water heater maintenance to extend its life and increase your water quality. Water heaters are the second most power consuming appliance in your home and more money can be saved with regular maintenance.
  • A thorough dryer exhaust pipe cleaning and cap inspection for quicker drying times, fresher scents, and lint accumulation prevention.
  • The B.A.T.I.S. Program or Bi-Annual Thermal Imaging Scans of your entire home’s interior and exterior to examine hot and cold spots from windows, doors, ceilings, and floors so you know exactly how to increase your home’s comfort and efficiency. We even provide insulation services and education.

With the Platinum Care Schedule Deluxe you get 12 total services twice a year which can last around 2 to 2.5 hours each . That means for every visit you receive these 12 services which alone have saved customers on average up to $150 a month in power bill consumption. 

If you’re serious in saving a tremendous amount of money in power consumption while increasing your comfort and safety in your home, contact us today via email, text, or phone! 


Why Do You Need to Keep Your Equipment Tuned Up?

North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp., a non-profit organization, examined air conditioning manufacturers’ efficiencies versus the actual efficiencies that resulted after installation.

  • 90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting problem
  • 50% had an improper refrigerant charge
  • 40% failed to meet minimum airflow criterion, 20% were barely inside the range specified by manufacturers
  • A deficiency of only 20% in indoor airflow reduced the efficiency rating by 17%
  • A 15% return air leak from a 120° attic could reduce efficiency by 50%

Texas A&M University discovered that a 23% refrigerant undercharge could result in a 52% efficiency loss.

Florida Solar Energy Center researchers found that by repairing leaking ductwork, cooling energy was reduced by an average of 17.4%.

According to Honeywell, a typical heating pump would lose almost 50% of its efficacy after 20 years, even if a typical “dust stop” filter has been installed. Also in 20 years, a unit’s efficacy could degrade by 50% if it is not properly maintained. This would double the energy cost.

Louisiana State University % Gulf State Utility found that consumers could save $30 per month just by making sure that their air conditioning system is cleaned and serviced regularly. LSU determined that without proper air filtration, over time, airflow can be reduced by 30% and capacity can be reduced by over 12%.

The EPA says that microbial growth accumulates on a wet evaporator coil and acts as an insulator. It reduces heat transfer from the air. As little as 0.05-inch buildup of a sticky, dirty substance on the cooling coil can cut efficiencies up to 32%. This system will operate longer to achieve set temperature, wasting energy and increasing wear and tear on the unit.


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