Charlotte AC Maintenance Services

Ensuring Your Cooling System is Reliable for Years to Come

Regular AC maintenance is directly linked to extending the lifespan of your HVAC system, improving air quality, keeping electric bills low, and preventing costly and avoidable repairs in the future. At Carolina Copper HVAC, we feel so strongly that regular air conditioning maintenance is crucial to your home that we offer the first appointment for free for first-time customers!

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During Your Appointment

For your maintenance checkup, we will check your electrical and mechanical systems in their entirety. This includes checking the refrigerant pressures and securing all wiring. If needed, we can install new connections in the wiring to strengthen the system and protect against further wearing. We ensure that the airflow is unobstructed and that there is no blockage in the ducts, and clean the outdoor unit with Viper Coil Cleaner and vacuum out all debris. To promote indoor air quality, we will also apply a treatment in your unit to prevent growth and odor.

Your complete tune-up will include the following services:

  • Check filters, compressor performance, Freon charge, all safety controls
  • Test crankcase heater, operating pressure
  • Inspect condenser coil, evaporator coil, evaporator drain pan, condensate drain blower and clean if necessary
  • Record superheat
  • Lubricate all necessary parts
  • Clean and calibrate thermostat

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Maintenance is crucial to keeping your AC running at its full capacity, for its full lifespan. Would you drive a brand new car for years and years without ever getting the oil changed? Of course not! It is absolutely crucial to keep your HVAC system serviced in order to enable it to function at its full potential.

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