Heater Maintenance in Charlotte

Keeping Your Heating Unit in Optimal Condition

The goal of regular heating maintenance is to make sure that your heater remains fully functional and reliable, even with the increased demand of the colder seasons. We ensure that your furnace is operating with proper gas pressure, airflow, electrical supply, and cleanliness. Your safety is our first concern in maintaining your system, particularly with natural gas furnaces. It is important to check the wiring for dangerous wearing and replace weak spots with new connections if necessary. In short, we ensure that you and your family will remain warm and safe throughout the winter months with a heater that will last.

Steps You Can Take

While we strongly recommend that you have a Charlotte heating professional inspect your system on an annual basis, it is helpful that you do what you can to contribute to keeping your heating unit in great shape between visits.

You can prevent more serious issues from creeping up in the future if you occasionally:

  • Ensure your thermostat is working correctly
  • Check that the air filters are clean enough to be effective
  • Check the ductwork for dust buildup or leaks
  • Ensure that there are no strange smells or noises while the heater is operating

What You Can Expect

When you choose to join our Platinum Care Schedule, you will receive a tune-up that covers the following:

  • Check filters, gas valve, operation of safety controls, sequencer, heating elements in operation, CO level, heat exchanger
  • Clean blower interior of manifold compartment, pilot, burners
  • Test for gas leaks
  • Clean and calibrate thermostat
  • Check and clean humidifier
  • Check heat pump reversing valve and defrost cycle

During our maintenance checks, we will provide our honest opinions on whether you need repairs for your heater or whether you need a new system.

Let’s Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Unit

We recommend getting your heating system checked, even if it’s never given you problems in the past. It is all too common for systems that have never received maintenance to suddenly fail with what feels like minimal warning to their owner. Often, the issue was something that could have easily been found and prevented by a routine checkup. With the regular maintenance we offer, the blown system may have lasted for five or more years. These situations tend to take homeowners by surprise, but make perfect sense to us. Having your Charlotte heater regularly serviced is a necessity for it to run as efficiently as possible.

For a free heater maintenance appointment for first-time customers in the Charlotte, Mooresville, or Gastonia areas, contact us today at 704-658-6089.

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