Platinum Care Schedule

Regular Maintenance to Keep Your System Efficient & Reliable

How Our Platinum Care Schedule Works

1. We come for your first visit and perform your 24, 32 or 39 point checklist heating or cooling system maintenance depending on your system type and the season. During our first maintenance, we collect all your data including model and serial numbers. We input your equipment’s information into the PCS member portal and give you a summery.

2. We send you air filters that you select from our preferred selection based on your filter's size for a change cycle of every 2 to 3 months. By your third filter change, we’ll be ready to come for your second maintenance on your heating or cooling system.

3. During each visit we’ll be able to prevent major interruptions in your home comfort by following our checklist tuning procedures, cleaning your system, making your system operate properly and offering options on proactive or immediate measures. Your Platinum Care Schedule continues and our services repeat.

When it comes to your home comfort system, getting preventative maintenance should be a no-brainer! It extends the lifespan of your equipment, allows it to run more efficiently, and saves you money both in monthly utility bills and repair costs. This is why at Carolina Copper HVAC, we are proud to offer our Platinum Care Schedule, which affords our customers a wide variety of benefits. With this agreement, our Charlotte heating and air conditioning specialists can perform two tune-ups in your home – one before winter to make sure your heater is in optimal condition, and one before summer to ensure you will be cool all season long. In addition to an extensive checklist that covers the cleaning and inspection of your system, you can choose sign either a gold or a silver level agreement, which offers benefits such as priority customer status, discounted repairs, and more.

Getting regular tune-ups will help you:

Join Carolina Copper HVAC

What You Will Gain For Less Than $20 A Month:

  • Absolute Priority Service 24/7, 365 Days a year.
  • Two thorough (about 1 hour long), 20 point evaluations of your entire heating and cooling system with a detailed, professional report.
  • 15% discount on repair parts and labor.
  • Complimentary filter changes (customer provided).
  • Education during maintenance calls about how to put more money back in your wallet from your biggest power bill contribute: Your HVAC System.
  • Average savings of $30-$130 per month in power usage: Department of Energy and customer feedback.
  • Earn 5% discounts per year for up to a total of 10% off new accessories and equipment including systems, indoor air quality, and additions.
  • Access to top of the line whole-home air purifying products, ac rejuvenation products, heating system efficiency products, and indoor air quality reassurance products.
  • Reassurance for you and your family that your system is a well oiled, cooling and heating machine that won’t break down in the extreme N.C. seasons.
Platinum Care Schedule